My Roles

Visual Design (2D), Motion Graphics, UX/UI

AIGA Flux Competition - UX/UI Winner


Special thanks to the kind designers at BLALAB! in Italy for providing me with high quality photos of their pen.

iPad Pro © Apple Inc.


A new brand and e-commerce desktop and mobile website that eloquently displays BLALAB's Kickstarter product and informs potential buyers of the product’s design and utility. To make the pen more desirable,  I've added a digital element that makes it compatible with the popular iPad Pro.


Old Logo & Name

The original name for the brand was ADA Pen, which wasn't reflective of the quality, design, or functionality of the product.

New Logo & Name

Re-branded to beryl, coming from the beryl crystal, this new name and brand reflects how the pen's structure was inspired by beehives and crystals, utilizing the hexagonal shape of the pen and a serif to convey elegance.

Mission Statement

Brand Voice

Created by BLALAB! in Italy, the beryl pen's mission is to redefine the writing experience.

All communications should convey a message
of luxury, a focus on the beauty and ergonomics, and the versatility of the pen.


Desktop Landing Page

The landing page feels striking and elegant. When the user scrolls down the page, a line starts to "draw" that is a nod to the pen itself. This guides the user down the page to learn more about beryl.


The shop page presents the user with the option to choose the digital beryl pen, or the traditional.  The website also offers a variety of ink refills and accessories.

Desktop Check Out

For the check out page, the user is presented with a familiar feeling process. The website will gather their information, preferred shipping method, and payment option with trusted ways to pay.

Mobile Landing Page

Mobile Shopping

Mobile Check Out

Social Media Gifs


The packaging for beryl is minimal and elegant. The pens come in the same shades as the beryl crystal, where the brand colors are inspired from.

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